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The sequel to Confession

Director: Alexander Breaux

Director of Photography: Matt Bell

First AC: Chase Lowenstein

Colorist: Bradley Greer

VFX: Kolby Kember

Ian Moone: Jansen Nunez

Nightingale: Alana Duval

Male Doctor: Jeff Pearson

Orderly #1: Canaan Frederick

Orderly #2: Marcus Noel

Orderly #3: Alexander Breaux

Orderly #4: Judah Grayson

Failed Experiment #1: Chance Ballard

Failed Experiment #2: Jacob Nunez

Music: Jansen Nunez

Music Production: Bemo Barnett

Music Mixing and Mastering: Jonathan Dolese

Production Designer: Scotty Morris

Art Director: Matt Whittle

Production Manager: Sean O’Regan

Key Grip: Mel Perkins

Hair and Makeup: Kaylee Jo

Assistant Hair and Makeup: Lauren Romero

Production Assistant: Hannah Mouton

Production Assistant: Judah Grayson

Here’s what Jansen Nunez said about making this music video.

Where did you shoot?

“The entirety of Nightingale was shot in Lafayette, Louisiana at the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019.”

How long was production?

“Production lasted a total of 4 days that were split to accommodate the character’s(Ian) necessary fluctuation in weight. We shot for 2 days in September of 2018 and 2 days in January of 2019. We were very lucky to have the ability to use the empty office space for that amount of time where the set was built.”

What was your post-production process like?

“Post production was a slow process because we were fortunate enough to not be constrained by a due date. This gave the crew working on the post production way more time and ease to do their thing. They did an amazing job!”

What’s your favorite shot in the video?

“I have so many favorite shots from this one but if I had to narrow it down to one at the moment it would have to be any of the shots from the heat/fluid drain scene. The color, the fog, the space, Ian’s reflection off of the doc’s glasses, the crew made it look so hot in there it was beautiful.”

What are you working on now? What’s next?

“Right now I’m working on 2 music videos for my band Rogue. And after that I definitely have some new characters, stories and fight scenes that I’m developing and so ready to dive right into!”

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