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music video

Parker Johnson
Brennan Johnson
Sean Brown
Chelsea Brown
Jayden Brown
Whitney Ryan Chamberlain
Wesley Brown
Ryan Kemp John
Henry Holthus
Bruno Doria
Hunter Shannon
Todd Chamberlain

Directed By: The Chamberlain Brothers
DP/Steadicam Operator: Chad Chamberlain
First AC: Brighton Linge

Special Thanks:
Josh Bagnall
Lizzie Guitreau
Jordan Marable

Chad Chamberlain’s website:

We asked the director Chad Chamberlain a few questions for our blog.

Where did you guys shoot and when?

“It was shot at Kennedy Place Park in Mid City during the spring of 2018.”

How long was production?

“Filming took one day with several days of pre production, scouting for the location and figuring out the choreography with the song.”

What was your post-production process like?

“The short being a oner eliminated any editing, so there was color done, but other than that it’s much more about the song. Parker Johnson recorded the track with all instruments used from the 50s and 60s to give it a sound more true to the Johnny Cash original and spent a lot of work making a funny parody song ring so true to the original track.”

What’s your favorite shot in the video?

“Since the video is an uncut shot there’s not a particular shot that’s our favorite, but the things people are doing in the background seem to stand out as our favorite. Particularly our brother, Todd Chamberlain, who plays the cop, when he throws his donuts and coffee as he sees the joint being passed.”

What are you looking to direct next?

“We have a couple short films we’re sitting on right now that we’re looking to finish post on, and COVID-19 dependent we’re looking to get into a new one soon.”

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