Gravity: A Short Film by Scott Sullivan

Gravity: A Short Film by Scott Sullivan

There’s a poetic beauty to having the free will to choose a healthy path for your life, then consciously recommitting to the one most likely to get you killed. This is the conflict facing the undercover DEA agent in Scott R. Sullivan’s new short pilot episode of Gravity, a tense and gritty journey into an underworld where the only way out is often greeting a bullet.

The List: A Short Film by Heliya Alam

The List: A Short Film by Heliya Alam

It’s 2089 and your words have the power to heal, like you could apply a splint to a human’s struggle. What would you say? This is the driving theme in Heliya Alam’s new short film, “The List”, a film that feels all too relevant in 2022 for a narrative set in 2089.

Creeping Death: A Horror Film by Matt Sampere

Creeping Death: A Horror Film by Matt Sampere

Creeping Death by Matt Sampere is a slasher film that takes place on Halloween. The story follows a young man and his friends after they break a sacred halloween tradition kept between humans and otherworldly deities known as “Aos Si”. Here’s what Matt Sampere told Fable House about a movie four years in the making, and bringing life to the lush atmospheric horror of “Creeping Death”.

Hedgehog: A Short Drama by Ye’ela Rosenfeld

Hedgehog: A Short Drama by Ye’ela Rosenfeld

Hedgehog is a short film about a young Hispanic caregiver named Hannah, who accidentally discovers that one of her patients, Mr. Holtz, might be a former Nazi criminal hiding under a false identity. Ye’ela Rosenfeld gave us her perspective on the unsettling themes of “Hedgehog”.


Incredible group of people! I’ve worked alongside Fable House on multiple projects and have always been so happy with the work they do. It’s a blast to work with these folks, they are super talented and amazing. Awesome crew!


Amazingly talented cinematographers. They’ll blow you away!


The Fable House team is great. They’re the ones I contact first when trying to collaborate on a film project in Louisiana. A few of them were my guests on my first-ever live show at SXSW.


Any work or association I’ve had wth this company has been phenomenal. Very professional and motivated! Going to go so far with the years to come.


This has been one of my top three crews to work with, not to mention their work is incredible!


Talent in abundance. Great past work, looking forward to the future.


All the cool kids are doing it! Not to mention, These guys are what keeps film in Louisiana. Keep up the good work!