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Yeah, But Seriously Podcast Interview with Austin Highsmith

Austin Highsmith Yeah But Seriously Podcast

Austin Highsmith is probably best known for her role in Scream: The TV Series and Dolphin Tale but she is also a super prolific screenwriter. FableHouse’s Sam Claitor interviewed Austin on the latest Yeah, But Seriously podcast to talk about the experience of having her first original screenplay Heart of the Harvest produced, what other projects she’s got cooking, and how she went from learning screenwriting to being able to churn out pages and scripts at a prodigious pace.

Some highlights from the episode include:

  • What it was like playing a villain for the first time when she’s known for playing characters who are kind and sweet.
  • Her feelings around having her Lifetime Original movie premiere, The Captive Nanny on the 30th anniversary of Lifetime Originals at the same time the Black Lives Matter protests for racial justice were kicking off around the world.
  • And how being an actor helped her become the prolific writer she is today.

Austin is a great actor, an amazing writer, and one of our favorite collaborators. We can’t wait to see what she does next. We’ve got no doubt we’ll see her running her own show one day.

You can find out more about the episode on the show notes page over at Yeah, But Seriously.

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