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MIDRIFF “Blister”

music video

Directed by Max Beard

Director: Max Beard

1st AD: David Tandy

1st AC: Dan Iacy

Editor: Chase Bagwill

Camera: Matt Bell

Colorist: Casey Shaw – Vimeo

Midriff website: https://midriff.bandcamp.com/


We talked to Max Beard a little bit about this music video shoot, and here’s his take.


Where did you guys shoot the video? Looks like you had fun!

“We shot on the beach in Ocean Springs and at Flow Tribes Studio by the Lakefront airport.
We had a 5am call at the beach, we set up the performance while the sun began to rise, so we could use the natural sunlight, as soon as the light was too bright we moved on. While the crew rigged the van Matt took the band out to the beach and shot all those fun little pieces, which was exactly what we needed. Those pieces proved paramount in the end edit. When the van was rigged we drove around for about an hour getting various shots, after the driving we let chad go have fun with the band on his Segway with his trinity rigged to it, this gave us very dynamic shots we could use at virtually anytime. When we concluded shooting at the beach we sent the band home to shower and change while Matt worked his magic in the studio lighting. It was wonderful, the guys showed up with great energy and made our final location a breeze. Everyone involved was professional and hardworking. I couldn’t have imagined a better crew honestly.” 


How long was production?

“We did all principle photography in a 10-hour day except for a couple pieces we put together before the shoot with the band at a few performances/interviews.”


What was your post-production process like?

“Post was the most difficult part, it took us a while to find an editor and to find the time to sit down and cut everything together. We had a general idea of how we wanted the video to feel so we wrote down a treatment on a dry erase board and started searching for the pieces that would fit, we however didn’t realize how difficult this would make timing the video perfectly with singing and instruments. After we got the general video cut together we went back over honing/trimming, adding different cut points, places and other effects to help transition into the other scenes we shot.”


What’s your favorite shot in the video?

“There are a few shots I really love in the video, it’s hard to say which is my favorite. I really love when Owen the keyboard player holds up his shirt and says “Brittany bitch!!!” Or the shot of the band pushing the accidentally stuck 1st AD’s car out of the sand. As far as camera movement I think my favorite shot Chad did started with soft focus and quickly pushed into the lead singer as he was singing a very energy-filled portion of the song landing right on him as he sang. Our 1st AC did a wonderful job keeping all of Chad’s (Chad Chamberlain) exploratory shots in focus and sharp.” 


What are you looking to direct next?

“Right now we’re trying to line up a workout video with a friend of ours who trains NFL hopefuls, other than that we’re always looking for new music videos/projects to throw ourselves into.”



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