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Louisiana filmmakers, assemble! NOVAC to host two evening workshops next week

May 12, 2023 | Filmmaking, Indie Film, Louisiana Filmmakers

NOVAC Indie Filmmaker Classes

A Batman-style spotlight illuminates the murky surface of an indiscriminate bayou in Southern Louisiana. Instead of a bat shadow, it’s an American alligator in a dainty undersized cape. Then several more lights wash across the water. Motors churn in the dark. 

And all the aspiring filmmakers of Louisiana gather on houseboats to talk movies. 

Um, not quite how it happens but go make your dreams come true, right? What’s happening in the real world of Louisiana filmmaker education and networking is the sequence of upcoming workshop events hosted by NOVAC.  

NOVAC (New Orleans Video Access Center) is Louisiana’s anchor for filmmaker education, training, resources, and events. Throughout the year, educators at NOVAC help train future key grips, makeup artists, producers, directors – they are an all-encompassing ally and resource of the independent Louisiana film community. They even carry equipment and editing suite rentals for NOVAC members. 

Part of NOVAC’s ongoing programming is to hold public workshops held by experienced filmmakers who help aspiring (or already established) creators learn and grow in their craft. Their upcoming workshops are diverse and cater to a unique blend of industry skill sets. They include:

Finding a Talent Manager: For Writers, Directors, and Actors

Thursday, May 18th – 6 to 9 p.m. – with DaVida Chanel Baker

According to the NOVAC courses page, the “Finding a Talent Manager” course will center around clarifying the roles of agents (and managers and entertainment attorneys), examining what type of representation would be most helpful for you at this stage of your career, developing effective branding and representation queries, and auxiliary strategies to employ when initial attempts to secure representation fall through. 

DaVida Chanel Baker is a manager and producer for the Etcetera & Company talent management agency, which she founded in 2018. She represents talent working on major networks and streaming platforms (Daniel Kyri of Chicago Fire and Ahmed Best of The Mandalorian were recently spotlighted on Etcetera & Company’s Instagram). She’s also a blogger and creator of the All Up In It podcast.     

The course is $30 with a $5 discount if you’re a NOVAC member. Go learn about securing representation!

35mm Motion Picture Filmmaking for Directors

Saturday, May 13th from noon to 3 p.m. (Part I) and Saturday, May 20th from noon to 3 p.m. (Part II) with Casey Shaw

Everyone loves playing with toys, especially very expensive 35mm toys. 

Attendees of the “35mm” workshop will shoot footage with 35mm cameras and then work together with instructor Casey Shaw to learn how to utilize the developed footage. According to NOVAC, Part One will cover an overview of film formats and where to get your film and cameras, basics of exposure, shooting techniques to convey emotion, calculating runtime, and processing/scanning options. Part Two will cover working with a lab, color grading 35mm negatives, and a comprehensive Q&A for the filmmakers. 

Casey Shaw is a filmmaker based in the New Orleans film scene since 2012. He’s worked in the camera department on locally shot films like Causeway and Project Power and was one of the cinematographers on Director Edward Buckles Jr.’s buzzing documentary Katrina Babies (streaming now on HBO Max). Casey owns the production company Shawscope, which helps provide support and physical tools to emerging independent creators.   

The “35mm for Motion Picture Filmmaking for Directors” course is $75 for general admission and $65 for NOVAC members. 

The workshops will be held at NOVAC’s headquarter facility at 4422 South Carrolton Avenue, New Orleans. Purchase tickets here for “Finding a Talent Manager: For Writers, Directors, and Actors” and purchase tickets here for “35mm for Motion Picture Filmmaking for Directors”. 

Attendees to either workshop are not required to show up dressed as swamp-themed superheroes.


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