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by Scott Sullivan

There’s a poetic beauty to having the free will to choose a healthy path for your life, then consciously recommitting to the one most likely to get you killed.

This is the conflict facing the undercover DEA agent in Scott R. Sullivan’s new short pilot episode of Gravity, a tense and gritty journey into an underworld where the only way out is often greeting a bullet.

Gravity – Official Trailer

Director: Scott R. Sullivan
Writer: Scott R. Sullivan
Producer: Scott R. Sullivan
Cinematographer: Ryne Anderson

Gravity BTS

Scott R. Sullivan is a writer, producer, and director from New Orleans and the founder of the independent film company, Sulliscope Films. During a creatively prolific past five years, he has written, directed, and produced the morally tempestuous short films Trigger Girl and Paper Clocks.

Gravity is the portrait of an embattled agent isolated against the backdrop of a neon noir skyline, with an atmospheric score and cinematography reminiscent of films like Drive or Uncut Gems. It is the brooding beginning of a man who must walk into a den of killers because he cannot escape the job.

We talked to Scott R. Sullivan about filming the pilot episode of Gravity in 2021 and here’s what he told us.

Where did you guys shoot and when?

“We shot at four locations all in Baton Rouge during the summer of 2021.”

How long was production?

“Production was only three days.”

Gravity BTS

Any stories you’d like to share from production?

“One of my favorite things about this production was that I was able to work with a sizable cast and crew of people who I’ve worked with before and many that I’ve always wanted to work with. It was also incredible to see how supportive the community was in helping us with locations.

Gravity BTS

What was your post-production process like?

“Post took about 4 to 5 months. It took a little longer because I was a one-man show for the post-production on this one.”

What’s your favorite shot in the video?

“Definitely the wide shot on the terrace of Spencer Calahan’s office downtown.

Gravity BTS

Is the film available for viewers to watch now? If so, where?

“We will premiere soon. More than likely late January. Please follow Sulliscope Films on Facebook or Instagram for details. Also, be on the lookout for our revamped website where this project and a few others we’ve done will be available to stream.

What are you looking to direct next? What are you excited about now?

“I have a couple of projects in the pipeline. One is a Christmas family film and the other is a mystery suspense film that I’ve been developing for a while. Of course, I would love to shoot episode 2 and more of Gravity. It would be an interesting adventure to film a crime drama series right here in Baton Rouge with local talent. We absolutely have what it takes to pull it off.”

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