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Movie Maestros of the South: Baton Rouge Visual Effects Duo Featured by We’ll Fix It In Post for ‘Home Team’ on Netflix

Home Team (2022)

It was two years ago this week that productions shut down, studios closed their doors, and the film community felt a sense of forced hibernation due to the global pandemic. But even as I sit here and heavy snow lays down outside, an undercurrent of fresh spring reverberates. Movies are back, productions are escalating, and no one’s been busier than the visual effects team at Crafty Apes.

Kevin James’ Home Team on Netflix is the newest movie under the Happy Madison umbrella, and follows the saga of former Saints coach Sean Payton as he uses his yearlong NFL suspension to coach his son’s downtrodden football team. Any sports-driven comedy filled with fire and vomit is going to need a quality visual effects team. The hometown talent of Kolby Kember (Visual Effects Supervisor) and Kyle Dutton (Visual Effects Producer) were tasked with making it happen.

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The pair are anchors at the Crafty Apes Visual Effects studio in Baton Rouge, a team on a prolific tear of post-production work to start 2022. They’ve worked on films ranging from Nobody starring Bob Odenkirk to HBO’s Peacemaker starring John Cena. Home Team gave them the opportunity to work on a film shot in their backyard with a plot centered around hometown New Orleans. Their recent digital magic hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Last week Kolby and Kyle visited with the Talk 107.3 Morning Show to talk shop with Brian Haldane, and then interviewed with We’ll Fix It In Post, a site that keeps their finger on the pulse of post-production and VFX news in the industry. Kolby and Kyle spoke at length about their technical process and their experience, including paying homage to the vibrant creative scene picking back up in Louisiana. Or as Kolby Kember put it:

“Glad to see production picking back up again, especially in Louisiana.”

Check out the full interview here, and the New Orleans-based Home Team is streaming now on Netflix.


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