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The 2023 Overlook Film Festival is ready to make NOLA scrape its nails on the basement wall in claustrophobic terror

2023 Overlook Film Festival NOLA

Maybe you get your dopamine hits from riding a bicycle during a nice light Sunday morning rain. Or maybe, you wonder if your neighbor has torture shackles in the basement. Thinking of uninvited house guests gives you gleeful dread-induced heart palpitations. You contemplate what it’s like to sleep in a cemetery and be fed human liver as you struggle against your captor’s chains. Calm down, ya freak. 

Maybe you’d fit right in at the 2023 Overlook Film Festival

Each year the Overlook Film Fest brings an internationally eclectic selection of the best horror films to the country’s most haunted city. 2022’s Overlook Film Festival included the debut of an enormously diverse selection, ranging from Duncan Birmingham’s sleek Hollywood Hills thriller Who Invited Them, to the cathartically brutal Spanish slasher Piggy, to Scott Derrickson’s supernatural horror The Black Phone

The 2023 Overlook Festival will run from March 30th to April 2nd (a Thursday to Sunday night). A “bonus day” of additional select screenings will take place on Monday, April 3rd. The festival no longer uses a tiered pass system – buying a FESTIVAL PASS (if they put it in all caps, that’s how you know it’s good) gets you in for everything – the panels, all screenings, the live events, and yes – the parties. 

The early earlybird tickets have now passed. But…you can still get the good ole regular earlybird tickets until February 1st for $200. Tickets will increase to the regular price of $250 on February 1st. Unique to the 2023 festival is a change-over to include an all-access “Overlook Immersive Game” that will give festivalgoers a live-action, interactive game to play for the entirety of the festival that will be solved at the closing night party. Overlook describes this type of experience as “a focus on in-person, live-actor-based programming”. 

Most Overlook screenings and events will take place at New Orleans’ Prytania theatres at Canal Place. The Festival will release the 2023 schedule as we draw closer to this cinematic orgy of unfathomable terror.  

For now, you can check out further festival specifics on the Overlook FAQ page. Earlybird tickets are available for purchase here at the 2023 Overlook Film Festival pass presale.


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